Staying Green and On The Go!

In an environment that provides car owners and companies so many options for maintenance and cleaning, how can you be sure that you are making wise decisions that not only provide the quality and protection your vehicle demands, but also leaves as small an environmental footprint as possible?  The most direct way is to ask questions of the people you do business with, look for brands that have track record of being environmentally conscious.  One great indicator in the Car Wash industry is the Water Savers Logo, if you don't see the logo at your local car wash ask why?  A responsible car wash will most likely be a member of the Water Savers Program which represents members who seek to conserve water and eliminate water pollution.  

All American has been a leading member of the Water Savers Program as well as the Southwest Car Wash Association's Water Conservation Alliance for many years, having far exceeded the requirements to be a member of each. We have reduced our water usage by almost 50% over the past three years while washing relatively the same amount of vehicles.  But the commitment goes beyond how much water we use, All American looks for partners who can provide us with environmentally safe soaps and chemicals to use.  Bottom line, it it's not biodegradable and 100% safe to enter a public water supply, we don't use it. We use Zep's Enviro Edge series as well as Turtle Wax Pro Environmentally Friendly series of chemicals to wash, provide a shine, and protect your car!  Both are bio degradable and safe for the environment.

In 2013 All American partnered with Castrol to be our primary oil provider, Castrol is a leader worldwide in dealing with environmental issues as well as in research to find even greater ways to protect our environment when developing new products for the Car industry.  

A commitment to being green is a mission we at All American take seriously and want to share that desire and know how with others!  I have had the opportunity to speak on behalf of environmental issues in front of Car Wash Owners and Operators in Las Vegas at the annual International Car Wash Association Convention as well as to local Wichita Falls City, Civic, and Business groups, and the Austin Water Development Board about conservation and environmental impact issues.  I will be on a panel in February at the 2016 SCWA Convention in Arlington Texas as well as an expert panel and speaking engagement for the 2016 ICA Convention in Nashville, TN this May.  

So when you look for an eco friendly Car Wash and Lube Center, know you are in great hands at All American Car Care Super Centers! Should you live or are traveling outside the Texoma region, make sure you look for the Water Savers and/or SCWA Water Conservation Alliance Logo!  If you don't see it..... ask Why Not?

Jim Cadotte, General Manager





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